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What is Coaching?

Executive Coaching is a process through which coachees discover insights that translate into optimal and sustainable executive behavior, as facilitated by a certified coach.  Navigate and Co. offers result-driven Coaching that are customer-centric and endurable.  Scientific psychometric tools are usually deployed to assess the challenging issues such as leadership blindspots, leadership styles, executive presence, strengths and developmental needs. Coaches make recommendations to align business leadership styles with business objectives.

What Coaching Looks Like:

Mostly conducted one-on-one in-person, group or blended interactions with online video-conferencing, in 5 steps within a 6 to 12-month period:


A) Needs Assessment 

B) Stakeholder Interviews

C) Psychometic Assessment 

D) Intervention

E) Action Planning and Follow 


Benefits of Coaching

High Return of Investment (ROI):

One dollar invested in Coaching generates 7 dollars of additional revenue (1:7 ratio) in Return of Investment (Research by ICF, 2018)


  • Increasing Talent Retention

  • Improving EQ

  • Building Occupational Wellness

  • Augmenting Innovation

  • Boasting Morale

  • Optimising Work Performance

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