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Workshop Training & Facilitation

Navigate & Co. offers available module-based or customized training programs based on needs, as requested. Training programs are offered sometimes in a blended learning environment with the support of online technologies, as well as being part of a coaching or assessment program.



A Sample of Common Topics Include:


  • Understanding and Increasing EQ at Work

  • Developing Cultural Agility to Effectively Work Cross-culturally

  • Effective Communication

  • Occupational Health

  • Stress Management

  • Leadership Style and 360 Assessment and Optimal Applications




Benefits of workshop training:


  • The interactive workshop training environment provides the essential human interface, maximizing the impact of training on sustainable behavioral change

  • Employees think, learn and develop in a safe and focused environment without distractions from daily work

  • Facilitated group interaction enhances the impact of learning. Employees stimulate each other by learning to ask good questions, as well as learning from materials presented by the trainer

  • Group exercises show employees how to practice new concepts and learn from one another in a collaborative manner.

  • Flexible group size arrangement enhances comprehension and application

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